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AI Video Tales Review :100% Honest Opinion !

AI Video Tales Review :100% Honest Opinion !

AI Video Tales

Welcome to my review. Creating captivating videos traditionally requires a dedicated team, a substantial time investment, and a hefty budget. The usual process involves scripting, filming, editing, animation, and sound design. However, this conventional approach comes with its fair share of challenges:

Time-Consuming: Building a video from scratch can take weeks or even months.
Expensive: Hiring a skilled team for video creation incurs significant costs.
Productivity Shortcomings: Inefficiencies in the traditional process lead to wasted time and resources on rework and revisions.
Enter AI Video Tales, a revolutionary solution designed to transform the video creation landscape. Let’s take a closer look at this game-changing tool.

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AI Video Tales Overview:

Creator : Yogesh Agarwal
Product : AI Video Tales
Niche : YouTube Kids
Launch Date :2023-Nov-23
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $17
Bonuses : Yes, Huge Software Bonuses
Guarantee : 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend : Highly recommended!

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Exactly! You’ve got it spot on. AI Video Tales is all about making the creation of captivating kids’ story videos a breeze through the power of artificial intelligence. It opens up the world of “YouTube’s Animated Kids Stories,” a niche with tremendous growth potential and surprisingly low competition. By combining AI algorithms with human creativity, it empowers users to generate unique and engaging narratives without the need for extensive skills or creativity. It’s like having a blue ocean of opportunity at your fingertips in the world of kids’ entertainment on YouTube. What do you think about the concept?

Crafting a captivating, professional, and lucrative animated kids’ story video with “AI Video Tales” is a breeze, requiring just three simple steps:

Step 1: Choose from our extensive library of pre-made templates or effortlessly create a compelling and engaging kid’s story with a single click using our A.I. You can also opt for the Copy-Paste method.

Step 2: Watch as our advanced A.I. takes your narrative and transforms it into dynamic scenes, seamlessly incorporating text, images, voiceovers, music, branding, and more to make it truly unique and engaging. Simply hit “Generate” to bring your vision to life.

Step 3: Within minutes, your high-quality animated kids’ story video is ready for sharing on YouTube, poised to attract millions of views and subscribers. The process is quick, efficient, and ensures a top-notch result that will captivate your audience.

Unlock The Untapped, The Unconventional, and The Unbelievable: Dive into a niche with unparalleled profitability opportunities and no competition. Achieve success effortlessly without the struggle for views or subscribers.

Save Time, Money, Effort & Resources: Effortlessly craft captivating videos with “AI Video Tales”—no need for complex tools or outsourcing. Everything is streamlined under one user-friendly dashboard.

Newbie Friendly, Easy-To-Use & No Skills Required: Create stunning videos effortlessly with our user-friendly software—no technical skills needed. Achieve impressive results, even as a beginner.

YouTube Favors Kids-Friendly Content & Pushes Them To Millions: Kid-friendly content thrives on YouTube, gaining extensive promotion and millions of views. Our software and secret weapon empower new channels for success.

Get The 1st Mover Advantage & Dominate: Embrace AI Video Tales as an early adopter, a groundbreaking software blending A.I. and storytelling for rapid animated video creation. Dominate your niche with this unique advantage.

Tap Into An Evergreen & Multi-Billion Dollar Market!: Enter the thriving kids’ entertainment industry with “AI Video Tales,” ensuring long-term success in this evergreen market.

Get Results Fast – No Waiting, No Failing & No Guessing: Experience near-instant results with our 3S Framework and A.I. technology. No more waiting; success is guaranteed with “AI Video Tales.”

FREE UPDATES IN FOREVER: Count on continuous improvement. Expect ongoing free updates with new features, enhancing your product experience.

Scale To Infinity & Beyond!: Unleash unlimited video creation, subscribers, and views with “AI Video Tales.” Scale your success boundlessly in your niche.

24X7 Support and 100% Uptime Guaranteed: Our team is always available to help. Whether you need assistance finding the perfect image or video or have a question about any of our products, we’re here to assist you.

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Affiliate Marketers: Unlock the potential of an unconventional and highly lucrative niche to maximize earnings effortlessly.

YouTube Marketers: Craft engaging animated stories for kids, attracting millions of views and subscribers.

Social Media Marketers: Elevate online presence by sharing creative, high-quality animated videos to captivate a larger audience.

Bloggers & Website Owners: Attract and engage a younger audience with animated stories, leading to increased traffic and monetization opportunities.

Local Businesses: Effectively target parents, kids, and families with entertaining animated videos to promote products and services.

eCom, Shopify, and Amazon Sellers: Amplify reach and sales for kids’ products with persuasive videos garnering millions of views.

Coaches & Course Creators: Enhance curriculum with fun, educational animated stories for kids or establish an additional revenue stream.

Newbies: Regardless of experience in animation or YouTube, embark on a journey to establish themselves in this niche and achieve rapid success.

Certainly! Here are the standout features of AI Video Tales:

Template Library: Dive into a diverse array of pre-made templates, simplifying the initiation of your animated kids’ story video creation.

A.I. Story Crafting: Effortlessly shape captivating kid’s stories with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Choose from existing templates or create a story with a single click using the Copy-Paste method.

Automated Scene Generation: The A.I. seamlessly transforms your narrative into dynamic scenes, eradicating the need for intricate manual editing. This includes the addition of text, images, voiceovers, music, branding, and other elements to enhance uniqueness and engagement.

User-Friendly Interface: No technical skills required. The intuitive interface ensures a smooth experience, allowing users to navigate the software effortlessly.

One-Click Generation: With a simple “Generate” click, your animated kids’ story video is ready within minutes, streamlining the entire creation process.

High-Quality Output: The software produces top-notch animated videos suitable for sharing on YouTube, poised to attract millions of views and subscribers.

Customization Options: Tailor your videos to your brand or personal style with customizable features, ensuring your content stands out.

Time-Efficient: The automation and user-friendly design of AI Video Tales make the video creation process quick and efficient, saving users valuable time.

YouTube Integration: Effortlessly share your created videos on YouTube, tapping into the platform’s vast audience and potential for increased visibility.

Versatile Application: Ideal for a range of users, including affiliate marketers, digital marketers, freelancers, and social media marketers, providing a versatile solution for different content creation needs.

Now, let’s proceed to the next section of the AI Video Tales review, where you’ll discover its working procedure.

OTOs and Pricing: AI Video Tales Review
Front End: AI Video Tales (Price $17)
Create UNLIMITED YouTube Kids Story Videos In Minutes, Attracting MILLIONS Of Views, Subscribers & Commissions, Even For Newbies!
3 Different Modes To Create Engaging, Profitable Kids Story Videos Quickly
Create Captivating Stories For Kids In 1-Click with A.I.
Effortlessly Create Engaging A.I. Characters & Images For Your Stories
Reach A Broader Audience with 1-Click Subtitle Generator
Brand Your Videos With Intro/Outro Screens
Bring Your Stories To Life With Human-Like Voice Overs
Captivating Music For Your Videos That Will Keep Kids Glued To The Screen
Enhance Your Images with Our Advanced Image Former Tool
Different Aspect Ratio Options For Multiple Platforms
Design Captivating Thumbnails That Get More Views!
Elevate Your Kid Stories With Image Background Remover Tool
1-Click Social Sharing To Gain More Exposure And Views.

OTO1: Pro Edition (Price $37)
4x Your Traffic & Income Potential With The Pro Version
Create UNLIMITED AI Kids Stories Every Month
UNLIMITED Background Removal, AI Art Generator & Voiceovers
1-Click Social Lead Generation System
DFY Email Campaigns To Profit Instantly
UNLIMITED Custom Video Creator To Create Videos In Any Niche
UNLOCK Image & 4k Video Upscaler To Make Your Videos Stand Out
Get Access To Our PRIVATE & Advanced Traffic Strategies

OTO2: DFY Edition (Price $97-$127)
Skip All The Trial & Error, Hard Work, And Effort – Let Us Do EVERYTHING For You Professionally.
High-Quality Images For Your Stories
Professional Voiceover & Narration
Professional Script Writing
Music & Sound Effects
Personalized Logo & Branding
VIP 1-On-1 Support & Training
Seamless Video Transition
Engaging Subtitles & Captions
Commercial Rights Included

OTO3: ViralFaces Edition (Price $47)
Groundbreaking, NEW, Top-Secret A.I Face Tech brings UNLIMITED traffic
Exploit YouTube & Instagram favoritism
Get 10x more sales, reach, followers, and engagement
Face Videos that speak

OTO4: AI MultiMarketer (Price $47)
Get Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo & Amazon BUILD your hyper lists for you with a 1-click!
Get REAL, targeted, buyer leads that are HIGHLY ENGAGED with your offers!
Use our DONE FOR YOU promo campaigns to make money right away!

OTO5: Reseller Edition ($127-$147)
Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of AI VideoTales
50-250 Accounts
Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Agency Dashboard in 1 Click
We’ll Handle Support Of Your All Clients
With Our Sales Material For Best Conversions
Low 1-Time Fee During The Launch Period


COMMERCIAL LICENSE (During Launch Period Only)
The commercial license allows you to use our videos in any way you want. You call sell videos created with AI VideoTales to clients for any price you want. You can sell them on Fiverr, Upwork, Warriorforum, anywhere you want.
(Value $297)


LIVE Webclass
Join Our Live Web Class Where We Show You The Fastest, FAIL-PROOF, Plug-n-Play System To Make $10,000 PER MONTH Just By Giving Away FREE Passes! Learn The Exact System With The Step By Step Training (Even if You’re A Beginner)
(Value $297)


Boxed Bounty
Master the blueprint to a successful subscription box business & maximise profits!
Discover the Explosive Growth of the subscription box industry and why now is the golden time to dive in!
Unlock the Secrets of specialization in a saturated market, ensuring your subscription box stands out every time!
(Value $97)


Storytelling Advantage
Discover how storytelling can give you an edge over your competitors!
Find how to craft a compelling story that resonates with your audience and drives them to take action.
Learn how to use storytelling to build trust with your audience and create a lasting connection.
See how to incorporate storytelling into all aspects of your marketing, including website copy, social media, email marketing, and more!
(Value $97)


The Unshakeable
Super Affiliate
As you start getting traffic with CopyMachina, use our SECRET affiliate strategies to quickly achieve your 1st $100, $500 and $1000. How to stand out and build a long-term, sustainable, profitable & unshakeable online business with affiliate marketing!
(Value $197)


Social Stories
Reach More People Than Ever Before With Social Stories! Find out how you can grow a loyal following quickly and easily (and without breaking the bank) by seizing the power of social stories!
(Value $67)


Free Facebook
Traffic Strategies
To successfully drive free traffic from Facebook you have to know what works and what doesn’t.
Other marketers have tried driving free traffic from Facebook and failed. You will learn everything that you need to know to use the Facebook platform to generate free traffic.
(Value $67)


Free Instagram Traffic
Learn how to use AI VideoTales videos to grow your audience on Instagram. This guide will help you to define your audience, retain them, attract more followers, create an online store, drive traffic to your website, and avoid common mistakes.
(Value $67)


100X Youtube Advertising
Want to 100x your results with Youtube ads? Launch a successful Youtube video campaign quickly. Learn how to reach new audiences, maximize traffic and profits with YouTube advertising!
(Value $67)


Business Amplified
Discover the fastest way to level-up your business and unlock incredible revenue opportunities that are currently untapped!
Learn how to quickly expand your outreach, build a massive customer base and engage your audience in a way that will skyrocket your income and drive in more traffic than ever before!
(Value $67)

There Is No Risk. You Are Covered By Our
If, within 30 days of acquiring AI VideoTales, you find yourself unsatisfied with your purchase, They guarantee a full refund without any inquiries.
Nevertheless, we are confident that you will be so pleased with AI VideoTales and recognize its inherent value that requesting a refund won’t even cross your mind. It’s a fair proposition that reflects our confidence in the product.


Act now and secure AI VideoTales without hesitation. The sooner you make the purchase, the more you save. Additionally, rest easy knowing you’re protected by my “STEAL MY PRODUCT” 30-day money-back guarantee. There’s absolutely nothing to lose.

All the risk is on me. You’re covered 100%.


Don’t let this opportunity slip away; regret is the last thing you want. AI VideoTales stands as the premier, quickest, and simplest method for generating stunning visuals and graphics with just one click.

Failure to take action now means missing out on being among the first to dominate your market with this groundbreaking AI technology.

So, don’t let that scenario unfold. Avoid the regret of obtaining AI VideoTales at a higher price, or worse, missing out altogether when it’s off the market. Secure your copy now!

This is a time-limited, one-time offer. Once the launch period concludes, we plan to raise the price to align with other video platforms, transitioning to a monthly subscription model.

To sustain and enhance our platform, we require ample resources. Shifting to a subscription model allows us to effectively support our operations, invest in new features, and advance platform development.

It’s crucial to note that the low one-time price will never be available again. Seize this deal now to avoid missing out on significant savings!

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Q. Do I need to download anything to use AI VideoTales?

No, downloading is not required. AI VideoTales operates as a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) product. Simply make your purchase, and you can start using the product instantly. All you need is your email ID and password to access it from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Q. Is there a monthly fee?

No, there’s no monthly fee associated with AI VideoTales. It’s a one-time purchase product.

Q. What happens after the launch period?

Following the launch period, the pricing will shift to a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION, and the initial one-time price will no longer be available. We recommend taking action before the launch period concludes.

Q. Can I have a refund?

We assure you that the value you receive from AI VideoTales will surpass your investment. However, if, within 30 days of purchase, the product doesn’t meet your expectations, we offer a full refund, no questions asked.

Q. I have ZERO designing skills. Can I still use it?

Absolutely! AI VideoTales is designed for universal use, catering to individuals with varying levels of experience or technical skills. Thanks to its potent AI technology, you can effortlessly create impressive videos by simply typing in straightforward texts.

Q. What about future updates?

There’s no additional cost for future updates. Enjoy free lifetime updates to keep your product current.

Q. Will you add more resources in the future?

Certainly! We’re committed to continually enhancing AI VideoTales by adding more top-notch resources, and you won’t incur any additional charges.

Q. What if I have other questions?

Feel free to reach out with any product-related inquiries or questions about our company and services. You can email us at

Given the extensive features and benefits of AI Video Tales, I wholeheartedly recommend it. The ability to effortlessly create captivating kids’ story videos with the power of artificial intelligence is a game-changer. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a beginner, the user-friendly interface and diverse templates make the process seamless.

The various modes for creating engaging stories, the one-click subtitle generator, and the option to brand your videos with intro/outro screens add layers of creativity. The Pro Edition, DFY Edition, and other OTOs offer opportunities to enhance your experience and scale your content creation.

Moreover, the exclusive bonuses, including the commercial license and live webclass training, provide additional value. The money-back guarantee further ensures that you can explore AI Video Tales risk-free. Don’t miss the chance to tap into the evergreen market of kids’ entertainment and elevate your content creation to new heights. Take action now and unlock the potential of AI Video Tales!

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